10 March 2023

Post accepted! Special menu from Ilya Zakharov

The restaurant «Buffett» presented a lenten menu. An exceptionally pleasant acquaintance with the masterpieces of brand chef Ilya Zakharov!

The most inventive menu of lenten dishes in the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone is served at the Buffett restaurant. Let’s go straight to the details.

The Lenten offer opens with the «snacks» section: yasai tempura rolls with mango; tempura corn with spicy cheese sauce; rolls with avocado and crispy vegetables; fried potatoes with porcini mushrooms and champignons.

From salads, we recommend choosing the one with crispy eggplant, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. And as a first course — minestrone with vegetables and grissini or borscht with mushrooms and prunes.

In the main courses section, ramiro peppers with couscous, vegetables and mushrooms sound very appetizing; fried rice with mushrooms and vegetables in black bean sauce. And of course, a wonderful classic: dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms.

For dessert, the Buffett restaurant offers coconut milk pudding with chia seeds and mango. Special recommendation: cherry dumplings with explosive caramel served with basmati ice cream.

Gourmet gourmet dishes are great for Lent. Doubly pleasant: both the special and the main menu in the Buffett restaurant are available around the clock. Be sure to appreciate the spring dishes and unusual flavor combinations!