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Boomerang Casino is a place where you want to return. Here, each guest can experience a whole range of feelings, getting a drive from playing roulette, enjoying a concert of their favorite idol, feeling the excitement of card games.

You can start your ascent to the top of the players' rating with a bet of 20 kopecks. on slot machines, 0.5 c.u. on roulette and 5 c.u. at the card table.

Guests who visit the casino for the first time receive 2500 points for an educational game on special slot machines.

For lovers of quick wins, there is a whole series of jackpots here, ranging from small ones, in the amount of 30,000 rubles, to mega jackpots of 1,000,000 rubles. Befitting the name of the casino, luck always returns here and can succumb to both the casual fan of the James Bond films and the experienced gambler.

Chamber atmosphere during the day, powerful sound and dance shows at night, and most importantly, what makes you leave the house at any time of the day — guaranteed experiences that can make your heart beat faster. All this is Boomerang casino. Play and catch your boomerang of luck! In addition to gaming areas, Boomerang Casino also has 24-hour bars with a large selection of drinks, a stage for performances and pranks.

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Calls from Russia: 
8 800 444 0777 8 800 444 0777
1 Naberezhnaya Lavanda, Estosadok village.
1 Naberezhnaya Lavanda, Estosadok village.
You will need a passport to get in